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Hello everyone! I'm a simple hobbyist; by day I code tools in C# to help me and my coworkers' workflow, and by night I mess around with the (programming) love of my life, Ruby.

My current projects include "boring" things like Excel add-ins to smooth over workflows at my day job, and more "exciting" things like compiling Ruby on Windows in MinGW without using RubyInstaller. And then trying to embed Ruby into a Win32API app. I promise I have a reason for this other than hating myself.

To answer this month's question, I'll sometimes listen to music depending on the mood. Lots of instrumental stuff usually; video game music (Final Fantasy, lots of Sonic the Hedgehog stuff is great background music), or electro-swing (Tape Five, Parov Stelar are current favorites). When I want lyrics, I'll fall back to Evanescence, Dream Theater, and Coheed and Cambria.

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