What features would you add to your code editor?

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Features ideas for my editor needed!

Hello devs!

My name is Marc and I am 16 years old. I am working on a code editor called Graviton, the goal of this project is making a minimalist, fast and customizable editor. I am alone in this project so I need some cool ideas to think and maybe code for my editor!

Btw, I will write a post announcing Graviton Beta soon!

Comment below your ideas! Thank you!

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Hi Marc, welcome to dev.to!

Thinking of essential features: syntax highlighting for major languages, keyboard shortcuts (customizable?), vertical selection, autosave, support to open/view multiple files at once (it could just be tabs, splitting sounds like an advanced feature). You might also want to take a look at Langserver, it's a protocol that would allow your editor to integrate many languages features "for free".

Can't think of anything else, the rest of the features are more or less not essential.

Good luck!

ps. how are you writing this editor? Maybe a post walkthrough on your tech choices would be welcomed!


Thanks for replying Rhymes! :)
I am using ElectronJS as Atom and Visual Studio Code. It has syntax highlighting thanks to CodemirrorJS. It also has a directory-tree-view as common editors(you can hide it if you want), you can open multiple tabs, I also made a theme system(so you can code your own themes!), it supports some languages(i will ask for translators). And yes... I have to take a look at keyboard shortcuts!

I will try to do a post explaining how I did my editor as soon as possible! :D

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