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Discussion on: Interviews! What am I doing?

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Juraj Malenica

I almost never ask technical questions. I'm mostly interested in knowing 2 things:

  1. What is the hardest problem you tried to solve?
  2. What do you do in your free time? I'm guessing that this has a lot with our company culture, but we're not afraid to invest time to help teach someone coding in some framework. What most people miss is the right attitude. I want someone who is passionate about development and isn't afraid to be challenged. Does the candidate know how quick-sort works doesn't really matter to me, because if he has the right attitude - he'll learn (fast).

The questions tell me a lot:

  • "what you do in your free time?" - the ideal answer should be "work on a project for fun" or "experiment with XY technology". That means that development is fun for them.
  • "what is the hardest problem you tried to solve?" - that informs me of the level you're on. If you're really good, it will be a hard technical problem whose challenges you shouldn't have a problem dissecting to details.That way I understand better just where someone is.
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sarat Author

This is a good set of questions to ask someone who is a rank fresher. A candidate with some experience needs to be grilled a wee bit more IMO :)