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Discussion on: I made over 1,000 code reviews - this is what I learned

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Juraj Malenica Author

I completely agree that if a MR od straight forward, there is actually no need to sit together. Will update to make it explicit.

For the growth effect, it's more relevant to learn how to better communicate, teach and take real-life criticism.

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Maxime Moreau • Edited

Sit with the author to review the code

Voice feedbacks is always great :) But of course, as mentioned the PR should be "important" (yeah, it's relative... But if the PR only changes a very small thing it's not necessary).

I'd also add something to improve the conversation: I always read the PR before (maybe two times) & try to understand briefly, if I can't I write a question. In brief, I prepare the meeting.

I had a tech-lead that didn't read any PR before the sit, and so he was reading the code along with me. It was such a pain and a wast of time... That's why I use this process for me to review PR :)