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Discussion on: Firebase - Short introduction for beginners

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I've had a bit of free time recently and thought this was a good opportunity to try Firebase out on a serious webapp. I'm more impressed than ever now!

In the past my web developments have used a mixture of front-end Javascript to handle the user-interface and back-end PHP to manage my databases. Over the years I've learnt how to tame the jungle of code that results, but have come to realise that I would never really be happy until I could ditch the PHP and launch my database commands from Javascript.

Now, with Firestore the dream has come true!!

If you'd like to see the results, check out my Gaelic-teaching webapp at - noting that this is a development site so may not always work properly )-: Please note also that I don't really expect you to be interested in Scottish Gaelic either - just concentrate on the technology. Bablite currently runs out at less than 2K lines or so of pure, plain-vanilla Javascript - my favourite language

I'm amazed that Firebase doesn't seem to be attracting more interest. I've just been to look on Amazon to see if there's a good book on the Firestore SDK - zilch!

What am I missing?