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Mohammed J Hossain
Mohammed J Hossain

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#100daysofcode - Day 4

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Day 4 wasn't all that glamorous as I had a wedding shoot in the evening and other commitments in the morning so I had to use my time in the afternoon wisely. I decided to study mongoose library and get strengthen my knowledge on Models.


In terms of what I really achieved want anything major but I ended up learning (re-learning) how to connect to mongodb using mongoose and created few test models. Once I had a good understanding of the basics of model, I started testing them using some GET and POST requests.


After learning the basics and few test routes I decided to implement a basic Model to my main project. Next goal is to make the models with greater details and validations. Once I have the main models set I will start working on the routes and CRUD operations.


One challenge I faced was installing MongoDB on my windows laptop and the other challenge that I am currently working to solve is the messed-up PATH variable in my MacBook.

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