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Do you think GitHub Actions has an overwhelm problem?

mjgs profile image Mark Smith ・1 min read

I’ve spent the past week getting pretty into GitHub Actions, and I think overall it’s a really great automation framework with a dev focus. Find some links I gathered along the way on my linkblog.

The other feeling I got was overwhelm, and I’ve been building workflows for years. There are just so many workflows built, all doing something slightly different. Perhaps it’s because there isn’t much in the way of a visual UI, though as a developer I actually like the fact that it’s all text files stored in the repo.

I think maybe it’s a bit difficult to conceptualise and plan bigger workflows using the tools available.

Have you found it difficult to put together larger multi job/workflow workflows? What do you think would make it easier?

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Đĵ ΝιΓΞΗΛψΚ • Edited

I tried out github, gitlab and azure devops.
found azure devops to be far superior in terms of simplicity and visual builders. the free tier is quite useable.

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Mark Smith Author

I’ve read quite a bit about Azure, tutorials etc, the setup for getting apps into the cloud looks quite straight forward. I didn’t read anything about an automation framework like actions though, do they have one?

Does Azure have a workflow type tool as well?

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Đĵ ΝιΓΞΗΛψΚ • Edited

it's called azure pipelines
this is what the yaml editor looks like

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Mark Smith Author • Edited

Thanks for the links. That looks interesting, the editor appears to have better support for workflow input forms, which are visible even when you are editing the yml file. I wonder if it has drop down lists as well as text inputs.

According to the marketing material you can run GitHub workflows (actions I guess?) on azure. It looks like they use very similar workflow primitives.

I wonder how that’s going to playout because GitHub is also a Microsoft company now.

Have you used Azure pipelines?

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