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Discussion on: Have you ever tried any JetBrains product?

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Mark Smith • Edited

I skimmed through the comments, it appears I am in the minority, but my experience of Webstorm terrible.

It started out alright for a year or two, very much liked the UI, but then every release introduced terrible slowdown, at times it was totally unusable. I was right in the middle of critical project.

The JetBrains support kept having me add weird hacky startup settings I never understood what they were supposed to do, and they often weren’t particularly forthcoming in explaining why I had to add these settings.

And each time they said wait for the next release, and I did, and the slowdown got worse, and worse, eventually changed IDE and everything was instantly better speed wise, though relearning the UI was a quite painful.

Never trying Webstorm again, total waste of money, but even worse, months of my life I will never get back.