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Hello! Nice article, but I have some notes.

To describe a 'children', I prefer to use React.FC generic type.

interface AnotherSpecificProps {}
const AnotherComponent: React.FC<AnotherSpecificProps> = ({ children }) => {};

// even with omitted props it's still working
const Component: React.FC = ({ children }) => {};

Forwarding Props
Sometimes I need to pass additional props to the nested components, so there is a helpful generic React.ComponentProps<typeof SomeComponent>
Also you can wrap it in Partial<React.ComponentProps<typeof SomeComponent>>.

ComponentProps {
  prop: boolean;
  propAnother: string;
const Component: React.FC<ComponentProps> = ({prop, propAnother}) => {
  return (
      {prop && propAnother}

interface ComplexComponentProps {
  componentProps?: Partial<React.ComponentProps<typeof Component>>
const ComplexComponent: React.FC<ComplexComponentProps> = ({componentProps}) => {
  return (
      <Component prop={true} propAnother="string" {...componentProps} />

// somewhere else
<ComplexComponent />
<ComplexComponent componentProps={{prop: false}} />
// without Partial you should pass all required props, so Partial is very useful

Thanks for these! The React.ComponentProps<typeof Component> looks especially useful for passing props down without needing to import the Props interface of the child component.

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