Discussion on: Hoist Your Vars! (Variable Hoisting in JavaScript)

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Dmitrii Bludov

Thanks for Hoist explanation, but as a newbie I'm a little confused about your statement of "NEVER use var".
Since now, I thought that main differences between var and let/const lay in the scope field and they visibility in current execution context.
What havoc exactly var statement could wreak? In case of hoisting - is it better not to avoid var, but to avoid havoc in code by assuming that JS is single thread execution scripting language?

And another question that I have after reading - the words "compilation phase". Do we really have compilation process in scripting language?

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Your questions are addressing too many things. You are talking about scope, execution context, thread, compilation. These are things that you must understand fully. I think that you would benefit from watching this video. please pay for the full course, it will greatly improve your JavaScript skills. Tony teaches about all these things.