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Discussion on: Hacktoberfest 2020 — Who's looking for contributors?

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Mithil Poojary

Hello! 👋
I am Mithil.
And I present to you... Mitype!

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Typing speed test in terminal


Typing Speed Test in Terminal

Mitype is a program to test (and hence improve) your typing speed right from the ease of your terminal.

Written completely in python with no external dependencies!

Main Features

  • 🖥️ Cross-platform
  • 🎦 See your replay
  • 🐍 Supports Python 2 and 3
  • 📝 Choose custom text input
  • 🅰️ 6000 text samples
  • 🌈 Colored texts

🔧 Install

Mitype can be easily installed by:

pip install mitype

📈 Usage

Once installed, you can run it simply as:


You can also customize each run by specifying the following options as:

  • -f FILENAME, --file FILENAME Uses contents of file as sample text.
  • -d N, --difficulty N N can be in range [1, 5] with 1 being the easiest. This decides the length of the text.
  • -i ID, --id ID ID can be in range [1, 6000].

You can quit mitype anytime by pressing the ESC

I would really love to have your contributions to it!
It is really easy to work with, and just requires knowledge of python and no extra modules. All modules used are in-built. I have set up some issues that you can help me with! And I plan to add more if things go well :)

Do try it out and let me know feedback and new feature ideas! ✌️

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Your project seems very cool and I'm interested in contributing. I've never worked on a command line tool before, do you have any documentation or guides for how to set up your project locally for development purposes? Thanks! :D

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Mithil Poojary

Hi Anna 👋
Thanks for your interest! The instructions you are looking for are given inside I realised that build document wasn't mentioned anywhere in the contribution guideline. I've added the link there as well now :)

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Perfect, thank you!