Discussion on: What's you favorite hobby outside programming?

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Mitch Stanley

I'm a serial hobbyist. Get ready for a long list!

Guitar - I used to play as a kid through to my teens. Picked it back up in lockdown and loving it so far. I'm following some courses to pick up where I left off.

Video games - I don't play many, but I try to fit in a few good ones every now and then.

Pixel art - I've always loved drawing but I'm not particularly good at it. I've been trying to learn to create pixel art which I find fascinating. May even use my creations to make a game of my own some day.

Reading - I read a lot of fantasy books. Currently reading The Witcher and The Last Kingdom series'.

Running - Picked this up in lockdown as well. I'm on week 9 of Couch25k.

Photography - Love going on walks with my partner and taking photos. I have a Fujifilm x-t30 which I take everywhere.

Walks - National Trust places in the UK are my jam.

Whittling (Wood carving) - Also a lockdown pursuit. It feels really nice to create something physical after spending most of my day working with code.

Writing lists - Can you tell?