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Philosophically speaking, there's not such a thing as intellectual property, so it's ethical to use it (moral it's a whole different story). But it always depends on your own needs, as if you are a beginner, most of the time you should try doing on your own, so you will learn by doing and improve with time!


Thats a good point lucas, thank u for your answers :)


Short answer: No.

Long answer: I run a web development business with another partner. Some clients just want a static website and don't want to spend on a designer, a template is perfect in this case. Some clients don't have any specific money considerations and will pay for us to do a custom website. Some have even paid to redesign the website several times.

Thing is as you get more clients you won't have time to do it all, so you will create ways to better scale your work. Or charge more money.


Thanks for your response, I saw your website and seems really cool, hope in the future collab together, keep it up 😁



But you know, it all depends on your needs and resources, like time. Sometimes it may be worthy not using it. But if every time you start a new project you had to create it from scratch, you'll lose a lot of time. Also consider looking into design systems like Material, Primer, etc.

Extra note: For the next time a little bit of extra context will give you better answers (what languages are we talking about, what is its purpose, ...)


Yep, thanks for the extra note, I will do that 👌


There's nothing ethically/morally wrong with using a template as long as you abide by its licensing. That's the big thing to keep in mind when using premade website templates: make sure you understand the terms of its license, and make sure you use of it falls within the rights of the license.

Many website templates are open source or distributed under the Creative Commons, and in those cases, you're generally OK to use them and change them however you need. Sometimes the license will require you to include attribution in the final product, but I would recommend you do even if it's not required. Since you didn't create the template, including a link in the footer back to the original author is just a nice way of saying "thank you" and encouraging the designer to keep making free templates. Paid templates are usually pretty similar, with the exception that you probably can't access the source templates/assets without paying for it. And when you do, just keep in mind the terms of the license, as it probably is licensed per-site, so you can't reuse the same template across multiple projects.

As for whether you should use templates, it is entirely up to where you want to take your career path. If you want to get in the freelancing business, making websites for clients, then it's probably best to learn these design skills yourself and make your own templates, to make yourself stand out from amongst the crowd. If you're building sites for yourself (your landing page/blog, project docuemntation websites, company's internal sites, etc.), go ahead and use a template!


"then it's probably best to learn these design skills yourself and make your own templates, to make yourself stand out from amongst the crowd"

Thats exactly what I was thinking while reading the responses, actually, started to build a website from skratch base on differents pages, thanks to taking the time to answer :)


It depends on what kinds of template you mean, and what is your career path. If you mean a templating engine, like the ones offered in ASP.NET, Django and so on, or you mean a complete website (as in a Wix template).
If you plan on becoming a web developer, you should probably focus on building the website yourself, as it will give you experience and some hands on, and you will have something to put on your portfolio. If you just needs a website to promote a business, you can use whatever template you feel like.


"and you will have something to put on your portfolio."

Actually, I asked that because I'm creating the version 2.0 of my portfolio (man, don't know how I could present such silly projects haha), thanks for the advice

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