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Discussion on: Do you use VS Live Share to collaborate?

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Nina • Edited on

I just used Live Share today, and heard about it yesterday. We worked for 2 and an half hours on a project and it was very fun! It was a little buggy at times, but I wonder if it was my internet connection not syncing, but no more bugs then you get with normal network things like discord and skype. We didn't use the voice or chat feature, but defiantly made use the shared local host and terminal access. Being able to follow what someone is doing and what files they are are very handy. We're very used to pair programming using discord screen sharing, which sometimes blurs the screen, so being able to see what she was working on in my own workspace in another panel was very great. Our discord messages are full of code she has copy and pasted to me for examples, so just being able to write in a file together without having to c+p or pushing and pulling from git is amazing.

I wish there was a way to 'save' friends and have them connect easier. Due to the few issues we decided to refresh the hosting and had to resend link and open in browser each time. Considering that it recognizes contacts in it's recents, it would be nice if there was some kind of join system in place while in the editor. Those are my thoughts so far, and I think this is going to be a real staple of our coding sessions moving forward!

Edit: When I installed it, it had something about slack and discord connection, but I couldn't get my auth token for discord following the steps it showed. I wonder what the features of it were, I didn't get to investigate. When I search for discord and VS code all I get is discord presence.

Edit #2: Well I don't know the official way to do it, but you can connect with through discord with the discord presence just like you do games.