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Discussion on: Week of March 17 2019

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Nina • Edited on

I bought a bag of Reese's cups and a bag of Baked Lays and chowed down, finishing up with work.


I started 100DaysOfCode as well this Monday, and also as well couldn't get to doing it all. I emailed two recruiters my friend recommended me but neither of them replied all week, and I haven't gotten a response from my internship past the interview. I'm rather new to the whole idea of recruiters, is there anything specifically you know about them that would be handy to a newbie?

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natalie stroud Author

I wish I did know so I could help. If I'm being honest, I had one that was blowing up my phone 3-4 times a day and I blocked them. But when they first called about a job they jumped right into the assumption that I wanted the job and then told me it was for L1 Service Desk. I've done a job similar to that before and would rather stay where I'm at. I told this person that and they ignored what I said and tried to start up the whole "she accepted" process. Later in the week the company called me and I said "hey thanks for calling but I'm more so interested in a developer type of position, sorry". Probably wasn't something I should've done but...