The πŸ¦„ (unicorn) reaction

mishaor profile image Michael Orishich ・1 min read

The πŸ¦„ (unicorn) reaction. What does it mean? Why does it exist? When it was created? Let's discuss this.


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I have my own explanation and reasoning for the icons.

For me the ❀ icon means I love the article, the topic it discusses or just the way the information is presented. It is close to my ❀ as some of the aforementioned properties of that particular article has a special place in my ❀.

The πŸ¦„ on the other hand, as πŸ¦„s definitely are; is something unique, special - something you don't see every day. It may be something totally new, something I was supposed to know for ages but didn't, something that made my day or just saved my job. Simply priceless sighting of an πŸ¦„.


I think @ben is just fan of unicorns.

You can make it mean whatever you like. If an article is something special and one of a kind it gets a unicorn


Yeah, generally if you really want to show your appreciation for a post, because it was better than most leave a unicorn.

But more importantly where would Ben be without his unicorns?


or just leave a unicorn reaction without any explanation. it's kinda funny.


I choose to view it as desiring to impale things with a sharpened horn afixed on top of my head. I'm likely in the minority, though, because that's just weird.


Yeah I would like to see a user story for this feature. And a reaction from stake holders ;)


Using the idea from Matt Eland: "As a user, I can impale articles with a sharpened horn afixated on top of my head"


Maybe it means that the article is magical or demonstrates miracles or showcases wisdom. I have been thinking of it this way.

Or maybe @ben does likes Unicorns a lot like most of us.


It means the post's fried. The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.


Thanks for asking this… I was wondering the same thing.