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re: Hey! hello this reply made me happy! I would love to write a kids book on the topic as well, I've been thinking about it a lot. I would love to kn...

Hey Paula —it's so nice when you find someone as excited about this!

I LOVE how you make the topic so playful and accessible. We need more of this. 💙

About my books. You can read the last blog posts that I posted here on DEV to hear more about the ideas behind them. And this is the website zerusandona.com. The book series is called Zerus & Ona, a 0 and a 1 living inside computers and sharing their adventures in The Binary World.

I could talk about books, storytelling, and computers for hours! So, if you'd like to geek out together, this is my email miriam@zerusandona.com.

Happy to chat. :D

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