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I loved this post!

I especially liked your ideas behind the importance of studying programming. Knowing how computers work will give our kids superpowers and will help them to create the world they want to live in (in whatever way they choose!). They need to know this.

You said that this is the path that you tend to give to your students when you have the chance. How do you that? You told the example of those robots in the hotel. Do you also do related activities together?

I'm also as passionate as you are about this topic. I'm a mom with a background in tech, and I write books about computers for kids because, as you said in that last part, I feel the responsibility to change how we tell the story of computers to our kids.

Thanks for sharing, Paula.


Hey! hello this reply made me happy! I would love to write a kids book on the topic as well, I've been thinking about it a lot. I would love to know more about your projects! About your questions, we usually sit and playfully try to recognize tech around us. I would go and ask them about the tech they use in their daily life (usually involving TV, videogames and such, minecraft...) and we discuss how those things work. I even asked a few times to play as if one of them were a robot and tell the other kids to make a "program" for their friend, involving dancing and similar, it's a lot of funm they laugh a lot and they understand the importance of precise commands. I sometimes bring up comic and fiction, for example I use Teen Titans and such to put examples, or things they like. I really love to think of those kind of activities.


Hey Paula β€”it's so nice when you find someone as excited about this!

I LOVE how you make the topic so playful and accessible. We need more of this. πŸ’™

About my books. You can read the last blog posts that I posted here on DEV to hear more about the ideas behind them. And this is the website zerusandona.com. The book series is called Zerus & Ona, a 0 and a 1 living inside computers and sharing their adventures in The Binary World.

I could talk about books, storytelling, and computers for hours! So, if you'd like to geek out together, this is my email miriam@zerusandona.com.

Happy to chat. :D

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