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Key Factors That Can Affect Cost of Your eCommerce Mobile App

miraladdweb profile image Miral Garala ・2 min read

It is surprising how things we cannot even imagine that affect our lives. Just look at the new strain of coronavirus! A few weeks back, nations have started absorbing the new normal and began their lives. But the new strain has shaken the lives of individuals once again. While the uncontrolled and unpredictable circumstances posed by COVID-19 have badly hit most businesses, some businesses like eCommerce have shown tremendous growth in the past couple of months.

Having an eCommerce app & website is a convenient option for both the consumers and the companies. It is predicted that by 2021 mobile purchases will be worth $3.56 trillion. It clearly shows that eCommerce app development is a far better option than creating an online store website in the future.

The mobile app for eCommerce business boosts brand awareness, marketing, and brings excellent user experience and helps retailers enable personalized engagement with the target audience. And therefore, more and more retailers are opting for eCommerce mobile app development instead of creating an online store website.

Maybe you are aware of the process of developing an eCommerce app, but what about the cost? Are you aware of how much an eCommerce app development cost? If no, then keep reading the blog post to know the different factors affecting the cost of developing an eCommerce app.

Major factors that decide the cost of mobile apps for eCommerce business

eCommerce app Platform
eCommerce mobile app Design
Size of an eCommerce app
eCommerce development company or developer cost
App maintenance

Anything else???

Yes, of course! Apart from the factors discussed above, there are a few other things that may lift your eCommerce mobile app's budget. It would be best if you also considered marketing, license, third-party integration, and app support costs while deciding on a budget of your eCommerce app. In general, you can consider the cost of each of these activities approximately $500 to $2000. However, there is another way you can save huge on your eCommerce app development, and that is to opt for a readymade eCommerce app builder like AddWeb Shop. Such ready-to-use platforms simplify the overall process to launch your mobile app in a short time.

If you consider all these factors discussed in the blog post, the approximate cost to develop an eCommerce app ranges between $30000 to $170000. On the other hand, eCommerce app builders like AddWeb Shop can significantly reduce your eCommerce app development cost. Are you looking for an eCommerce development company to help you get the right mobile app for your eCommerce business? Or looking for a React Native eCommerce app? Get in touch with our experts now to know more.

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mnkls • Edited

I think the browser will be the future. Some day nobody need to install apps. Everythink can run and load fast in the browser; even first class games. The browser will become what the App Store is nowadays. Downloading apps isn't comfortable and that's why the browser will be the point of touch, will be the platform of the future. Especially in the eCommerce sector there are fewer and fewer apps running natively and it will become more and more. That's just my two cents.

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