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re: While some of your points are correct, suggesting to use sessions and cookies instead of JWT is missing the point. People using JWTs are most proba...

I think you’re misreading him. He doesn’t say “don’t use JWT” he’s just saying “don’t stick your JWT in local storage”.

Yes, it’s convenient. It’s also convenient to just leave the key to my house in the lock, but it means anyone who can get to the door can get in.


JWTs are insecure by design

Considering JWT are most likely used for security, it is pretty much urging not to use them. Unless you need a token for accessing public data.

Many people don't realize that JWTs are essentially the same thing as a username/password.

This one is a stretch and if you go this way, then that is true for pretty much everything used for security nowadays. It is true for cookies. It is true for SSH keys, etc. Any written access that replaces your password can be exploited in a way or another.

Your example with keys is interesting because even if it is not bulletproof, then you are better off typing your password on each request. Except it's not practical.

Don't get me wrong, the article is interesting and everybody should understand the danger of all these practices. But then people will be waiting for the alternative. And mentioning an alternative is the worst thing to do because people will prove you wrong, because nothing is unbreakable.

You're better off warning and help them make sure they are making their best to secure the way they use the current tool.

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