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Discussion on: Python For Web Development

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Definitely. For jobs, you'd need to go with what is popular in the field/industry/area.

But "learning" though... Bottle wouldn't take more than a day to "learn". Not even an hour, even for a beginner. Sure having the mastery to make something deployable takes a lot of practice in any framework or tools.

But I am talking about the pedagogical value here. Bottle won't require the learner install much or do much project set up or configuration at all.

Within minutes of starting, even to an entirely new beginner, you can get to an "ah that's what you mean by a backend", and "ah that is what an api is" and so on.

Much in the same way that Svelte would be a more gentler intro to the front end than React or Angular are for a beginner. Even though, eventually you'll need to learn the tool you need to get a job or do a job.

Anyways, Flask "hello world" is simple enough.

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Max Ong Zong Bao Author

Yup Flask's hello world is simple enough and it won't take less than 1 hour to do it.

In terms of learning method wise, the best Flask or Django tutorials that I was watching uses bootstrap to cover the front-end portion using Django or Flask's templating engine.

Instead of diving deep in using a front-end web framework like Svelte, React, Angular or Vue. Since there are tons of beautiful and well-maded templates Creative Tim.

Which you can modify those pre-made templates to get what you want that any Flask or Django developer with a good foundation in CSS, HTML, Javascript can do it.