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Discussion on: ⚰️C# in 2022 — Will it die?

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Min • Edited on

And this is why I am okay with somewhat clickbaity titles. It's a balancing act. I do hope that the articles motivates, or develops the story though. What I mean is, for clickbait titles, if the article then does not justify why that title was chosen, then there is a discontinuity in the story, and that is not satisfying to the reader.

For example, this article could have benefitted from an opening that says something along the lines of "I have come across recent blog posts about the falling popularity of C# (references such blogs). Why are these people suggesting this and is it true? Let's find out." - you know, something like that.

As it is written, the article says:

  • C# was made by Microsoft, and is kinda like Java but kinda like C++.
  • C# is used in many areas of computing.
  • Is it dying? No.
  • Consider learning it. It will take you however long it takes you.

It doesn't really get to the title "is C# dying?" in a meaningful way: questions like who is asking, or why it is being asked, or whether there is merit to the question - questions that readers might have are never resolved.