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Discussion on: How to ask senior devs for help?

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Bill Miller

I agree. Remember that in many cases you learn the most by figuring out the problem yourself, but don't struggle too long. "Too long" is team/task dependant, sometimes 1 hour is too long, sometimes 1 week is too long. When in doubt ask a "quick" question of a senior about if they think you've been struggling too long. They may have a quick tip that may put you on the right track to figuring it out. Ask what to look for to lead to a solution (for cases where you can't find a bug or what might be obvious to the senior in a log file), the information to that question can be gold for future investigations.

Also, don't expect to be "spoon fed" (i.e. given the answer) all the time. If you can't deduce how to solve a problem you will stay a junior for longer. Learning how to solve a problem is the part that is rarely taught during any education, in many cases because it's different for each person.