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  1. If you mention something on your resume, be prepared to discuss it!
  2. Practise coding on a whiteboard, perfect syntax is rarely important, but being able to have basic code structure is important
  3. Be able to do a high level design of something and be prepared to break some part of it down into smaller pieces.

What we're looking for from above:

  1. We expect that you can describe something useful that was in your resume and start a discussion about how you solved a problem or accomplished a task.
  2. There will almost always be a small coding question to see how you tackle a problem and make mistakes and (of course) fix them. We're mostly interested in how you think through a problem than if you can actually code on a whiteboard. You'd be surprised at how many candidates completely fail at being able to code a "for" loop on a whiteboard. Find a friend to ask a "stupid" question (that they know the answer) and see if you can explain how to solve it on a whiteboard.
  3. Many times an interview will have a "coding" section and a "design" section. We're interested in if you know how to break a problem up into smaller segments and how those segments interact. In many cases it's a very open problem that allows us to dig deeper into a strength or weakness of the candidate.

Love your second point. I actually use a big mirror to write out my problems/ plan of attack.
Would it be common for companies to have a whiteboard for this type of thing?

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