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30 Day Challenge: 30 Posts in 30 Days

My first 30 Day Challenge was a huge success & an awesome experience.

Therefore, I announce Round #2.
This time "30 Day Challenge: 30 Posts in 30 Days.".

My Why changed a little bit

  • I want to strengthen my "Finding a solution, no matter what"-skill (I will go on vacation for 5 days & I'll post on too.
  • I want to strengthen my shipping skills. I am very good at starting small hobby projects, but then I am afraid that nobody will be interested in them & finally I don't ship them.
  • I want to tackle my fear of "Nobody cares.".
  • I want to strengthen my writing skills. (=> simpler to understand)
  • I want to benefit from social accountability.
  • I want to share my knowledge.


  • deadline: 19.11.2019, 23:59 UTC +1
  • no copy of an old post


  • What are your experiences with these kind of challenges?
  • Love to hear your feedback, tips, suggestions!

PS: If you want to reach out to me or have a question (I love beginners' questions, beginners are welcome!), send me a message. 100% response rate!

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Hugo Di Francesco

no copy of an old post

A very important skill down the line as a blogger/writer is to actually be able to find what is missing from a post for it to be successful and adding it.

A post "edit" can be just as valuable (if not more) than a new post.

For example with regards to SEO, that page already exists, Google already indexes it, but it's not ranking too well. With an edit and a "re-publish" (edit the date to now, because Google prefers fresh content), it might start ranking well.

Of course this is more on the SEO/marketing side than writing.

miku86 profile image
miku86 Author

Hey Hugo,

thank you,
that's a very valuable comment.
Made a note in my ideas list.

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