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I'm currently doing an online boot camp while working full time. It definitely takes a lot of self discipline to get through, but might be worth looking into (I'm sure was already mentioned, but I didn't read every comment).
Fwiw, if I had to do it all over and had recently graduated from University, I would say to my younger self: defer your loans and take two years and get a master's (or higher) in CS, as this will give you a leg up after you graduate (some employers will take that over no degree and 2-4 years experience). Do internships during the summer if possible.
That being said, if you want to do it as fast as possible, boot camp is the way to go (I wouldn't commute that far to do one in person, but that's just me).


Thank you :) The online bootcamp I'm working on is nice and detailed, not just your 'fundamentals'. It's definitely been something I'm looking into. Unfortunately the one 2 hours away from me has the flexible program and is $1000 cheaper. The one 30 min away from me would require me to quit my job, go in 9-3 everyday and costs more. I figure I'll save that $1000 and use it for gas (haha). I've also considered my master's which I know would cost more than the bootcamp or the self taught option but my thing is I'd want to look into ComputerSci/CIT or UX Design. I also just applied for an internship and was contacted last night to continue filling out more in the interview process but I wouldn't be a fit for the company as I work 40 hours a week and may not be available when software engineers are.

I greatly appreciate your input, thank you!

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