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Where Frontend Ends and Backend Begins Continued...

What is HTML All The Things

HTML All The Things is a web development podcast and discord community which was started by Matt and Mike, developers based in Ontario, Canada.

The podcast speaks to web development topics as well as running a small business, self-employment and time management. You can join them for both their successes and their struggles as they try to manage expanding their Web Development business without stretching themselves too thin.


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Svelte For Beginners

What's This One About?

In this episode Matt and Mike jump into part two of Where Frontend Ends and Backend Begins an almost entirely example-based episode, going over a basic web page and what parts should/could be frontend, or backend. This example site includes a CMS, slider, static text, calling from an API, authentication, form validation, and much more

Show Notes

Breaking down a podcast landing page between what can be done in the frontend and what can be done in the backend:

  • Slider/Hero
  • Description/About Section
  • Podcast episode grid
  • Email sign-up form
  • CMS

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