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re: You're living in one of the best cities in the world to both work in the IT field and being freelancer as a fullstack. That's what I mean speaking ...

Again luck has little to do with it because I chose to move there from another city. My clients also majoritarily come from out of Spain.

Anyway, I added you on LinkedIn, if I have some web-dev work to do I will get in touch :) Have a great day, Mikael

You have a really bad idea of luck, and luck is not bad at all. I myself consider I had real great luck my entire career, which along with my talent positioned me exactly where I wanted.

I'm a designer and I also develop, if I can develop what my clients wants, perfect. If not, I must hire a dev to do ir for me, that's totally acceptable, but it's not always something I can do if I can't afford it.

Thank you Mikael, I'll check my LinkedIn, you too have a great day.

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