Discussion on: Not Working is Death?

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Mikey Sanchez

Great discussion topic, Nina. Right up there (for me, at least) with Impostor Syndrome...

Clay is right, you are not your productivity. Nor are you simply what you do. We are all a complicated, messy, mish mash of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Your worth is (or should be, I would hope) determined by the sum of all you are. Not just your occupation. Because, let's face it, coding/programming/developing is just our jobs.

Burn out is real, and I've fought it on and off for 15+ years. Weather the storm. You got this. And tons of help here from the DEV community.

I've found that having activities and hobbies outside of tech can have a positive impact on my mood and motivation for new and/or boring projects at work. I've got kids and dogs who keep me busy, so they definitely help me out in this capacity.

I hope you can get reinvigorated and re-energized soon.

Here's to finding beauty in the balance in between all the highs and the lows.

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Nina Author

I feel like I go from high to low so quickly! But thank you for your comments. I wonder if I finally get a job being a developer I can start treating coding as "just a job" and not as my new creative outlet, which is prone to burnouts. That and having assigned work in specified hours would help me separate and enjoy my gaming time. Still need to work more to get there though!