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4th screen I finally got my 4th screen setup last week. Needed something for those pesky chrome debugger windows :)


πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί I want a station like this


Lol, no it's more that I can focus on two screens at a time! Left doc/middle code/right running code/far right debugger

Did I just suggest I have a "far-right debugger"??? - I want to take this opportunity to distance myself from anything far-right lol.

If only we could debug the far-right tendencies in our societies. I'd love that.


Props for that portrait display!


May I ask what kind of graphics card and ports you have to address 4 individual monitors?


It's the Mac's internal GFX for the first 3. The "most right" one is driven by a StarTech.com USB GFX card (which can handle 2 4k displays).

Ah, so there's room for a fifth one, I see ;-)

Yep - the original plan was for screen 4 to be above my right screen. However I bought the wrong kind of arm and it was too low by about 5cm, so yeah, I know where it would live too if I could buy the right kit next time!

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