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Great advice, I'm going to add a nice logo to js-coroutines as it's currently looking rather sad! I made an effort with the website but less so on the GitHub. Can't seem to get JavaScript Weekly interested sadly.


Very cool. I gave a star too! This post earns you stars too lol.

Can I steal a question? I thought that async functions don’t block main threads... so anything running inside of the async function shouldn’t too?


Hey Calvin thanks!

So async functions just wait for each of the operations and then block the main thread again. I wrote the following that shows how js-coroutines works and why it makes a big difference.


Very cool! You've got one of those projects that's useful enough to get stars no matter what. It looks great!


Really well done. Nice work!


Wow, that's really great! I'd love to know how you made this.:)

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