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Mr. EdEd

He's a lionhead rabbit - or maybe just some fluff.


Awww, I was wondering when someone who has something else than a dog or a cat will post. He is a cutie (the breed looks quite out of the ordinary), what's his name? 💗💗💗


Awww I love Mr Ed Ed! He looks soooo fluffy!


I wish I could hold my bun like you do!
She's adorable though bunny laying on the ground


What's her name? She is very cute.

Her name is Cajou! (Like "Cashew" but it French 😁)

Hehe, nice. We have the same word in my mother tongue :). She seems quite tiny, but maybe is just the photo angle.

Yeah she is quite small ! 😅
Here are some other pics !

(wups, I have no clue why that image got rotated)

Uiiiiii 💖💖💖, the first photo gives a better image of how she looks like. I love bunnies but I never knew how to handle them, they seem quite fragile. She's super cute.

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