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re: So I just read about the MIT license, it says that a project could be forked and closed sourced and even sold... I'm not super happy about that.

I believe pretty strongly in MIT licensing; I use libraries all the time that would be impossible to consider under any kind of restrictive non-commercial or copyleft provision.

I pretty much always release software as MIT or closed source proprietary.

If there's a chance I can make something available to the community, then I am super happy if someone uses that to help them make a living, they can do what they like with it. My Unity libraries ended up in thousands of projects, and that makes me glad to have given back something in exchange for the benefits I've had from open source. If it's the core IP of my work projects, then it won't be going public, but anything on the periphery is up for grabs.

That said, it makes total sense for full platforms like Forem to be licensed AGPL for the very compelling reasons Ben mentioned.


That said, my head of legal had a bit of a wobble when I pointed out we had included modules using the wtfpl.net/ but hey ho.

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