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Simple answer for me is: users. 20%+ of my users. Still 10% of visitors to Wikipedia from a desktop. Corporates are still on IE11. If someone visits your site from a work computer some of them will be on IE11.

Personally I obviously hate it as much as the next person and wish it would actually really die, but it wont for those of us who make enterprise software. Roll on 2025. We are experimenting with users installing actual apps in Electron, but really, that's just causing more pain for the client and lower adoption. So polyfills it is, and they are actually pretty good.


In contrast, the traffic to DEV literally rounds to 0%. This is 44 out of the last 1,263,490 visitors.

IE traffic

This varies massively from case to case.


Yeah I mean what developer goes anywhere on IE lol. I'd never open anything except the app I'm debugging. This is the problem with caniuse etc. I grin and bear it when I start the VM and think oh good.

For clarification - if you can get away without it then do! All about the audience...

Yup, and one shouldn't look at the traffic to, say, their personal side project, and think their boss is crazy for trying to support IE.


20%+ of your users should be seeing something like this almost everywhere they go:


Ummm. Your screen shot has IE on it...

I was being lazy and pasted the top google images result. But yes, something LIKE this, but clearly without IE

My point is that lots of things, like LinkedIn, totally support IE11 for the very good reason that lots of people still use it in work settings. So my users don't frequently see any such message unless they go to some modern site that doesn't want to care as they consider their audience to not include people at work.

If a site doesn't support IE 11 and it does have a work based audience it will lose out to the competition who do support it. Whether that matters depends on the product in question and the people who might be interested.


I agree with you on that. The stats do show that almost every corporate enterprise are so far behind... It's going to be a real shock when 2025 does come around. I do respect that though. Where I work, when we were planning a new web application, we decided to not support IE at all and when we sell it, the sales guys are going to make it clear that a modern is browser is needed. Especially because we're a HR software company handling sensitive data, IE11 didn`t seen like a good idea anyway. Thanks for your feedback! 💪


Totally with you on that. If you can control the start of the conversation, and you are important enough in the organisation to get it through (sounds like you app will be) then I agree. I think one of the things to watch out for is caniuse.com showing low stats for IE, but they only show stats for visits to them etc. That's why I use the wikipedia stuff. I've been trying to convince people that we should be actively pushing modern browsers for new apps once those Wikipedia stats drop a bit more - but I work in Health & Safety, I'm sometimes lucky I don't need to write CSS for an abacus...

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