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Yes for me, the mission is important. Not the linting standards, but the building of a product to support a purpose. I spent many years building systems that were very successful at doing things I didn't much care about - selling Pizza, working out the right loan to offer someone, targeting the right time of day for an email.

2 years ago I gave it up for a role that has a noble purpose (to save lives and reduce long term workplace caused illnesses) and for me that is important. I'd say I'm trying to make the organisation you describe to some extent - for instance I'm the CTO but don't have a degree (self taught, ex game programmer) I hire based on attitude and ability in any language/system. HOWEVER, the business is pivoting from a highly successful services company with profits of nearly £20m per annum - to a software lead business. So it has other problems lol. Lots of them! Probably down to the fact that the business model is evolving and we are making it up as we go along - with a very big prize down the line, but a less clear path for attaining it.


Wow! Nice! It sounds really interesting!

I did the same: going from company to company doing stuffs which didn't really improve anything, at least in my opinion. Whatever the tech stack, the colleagues, or the benefits, it will never really replace a strong purpose to go out working every morning. Now, I take my time to find something which is really interesting for me.

Good luck for your pivoting. Without risk, no rewards (and it's less boring :D)

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