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I was 15 when I started my first game development business and sold some games - on the BBC Micro! We used to advertise them in a couple of the magazines and ended up selling all over the world. Though not without mistakes - once we managed to duplicate a bunch of cassettes without quality control and it was just me and my friend talking - those came back from South Africa... Ouch

When I was 17 I got a game commercially published by Masteronic. Storm (originally on the Amstrad 464) went on to sell more than 300,000 copies which was something in 1985/6. I started a business off the back of that.

When I started as CTO at Alcumus in 2018 one of my team had that game in their collection. I'm officially an antique.


:) wow, you started at such young age. Interesting path.


Yeah it's been a roller coaster :) Lived in 6 countries, visited 65+ - Programming has been good to me!

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