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The decision not to support npm and the existing huge collection of npm packages makes it seem unlikely it will be a serious choice for some time to me. Feels like it lacks a killer feature - the closest it has is native TypeScript support - but hmmm, not sure that's actually very compelling.


heh, your evaluation criteria seems freelancer focused. Node/NPM is a black hole security wise; Typescript shouldn't optional (though I dislike Angular's approach) and have I mentioned the security problems (cause they're a big deal)?


Well I'm not a freelancer and I spend a great deal of time on security considerations and pen tests as it sounds like you do :) I'm happy with the balance we have now between security and accessibility of modules to speed development. If deno becomes a thing then the security is a significant improvement I grant you, but not sure how having potentially multiple versions of different modules sub referenced is going to help?

Typescript - already doable is my point. Out of the box is nice.

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