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Blink by Malcolm Gladwell - because we need to know when to trust our gut and when to examine our decisions...


I don't think that Blink actually helps anyone do that.

I feel like many Gladwell books give you the feeling that you are receiving great insight, but by the time you are finished, you haven't actually learned a lot of practical take-aways. Blink feels very much like that to me. Entertaining as hell, though.


I read something a while back about writers who have written great or ground breaking books. Most have spent years (or decades) becoming an expert in their field and the book reflects that.

Once the book becomes really successful, the publisher wants to lock that writer in to more books. So the writer who spent years writing the first, now has (contractually) to pump out one a year for five years and the quality reflects that.

I think Gladwell falls into this category.

Very good point. Quantity over quality 😥

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