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re: Do you expect this would work with React Native?

I wouldn't have thought so the way it is at the moment as it relies on requestIdleCallback which is a browser thing. Though clearly it could be adapted to work in that environment either by estimating the time per frame (using whatever the RN tick is) or if RN has actually got something to tell us.

I have only dabbled in React Native - would this be useful do you think? Very happy to do a version for it if it would help?


We have a ton of data we must manipulate client side to put in charts. Parallel animations have been a challenge. Something like js-coroutines would potentially provide a much better user experience.

Ok cool - I looked after your comment. It appears that I can do something with the timers. I'm just not sure how much time it will need when reverting to native after the JS. But definitely looks possible. I'm excited to try if you'll find it useful. Will give it a look.

Ok, it works :)

js-coroutines 2.1.40 - very recent version of React Native (but I think I've polyfilled requestIdleCallback for older versions)


Sweet! I think I'll be in a place to test this out next week. 👍

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