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So I built a CMS, sortof..

I built a CMS

It started out with me deciding to change career fields. Well, with that I have been heavily involved with python lately. And I decided I needed a website. Something I can put on my resume, and put my resume on.

Well I can't do anything the easy way so instead of just grabbing some ready to go CMS and slapping it up, no I needed something of my own.. And why not just a simple little resume template? Some hosted HTML/CSS nope, not good enough.

I'll admit that it's not beautiful.. It's REALLY ugly but I'm not a designer. I have exactly 0 artistic creativity. What I do really well however is solve problems. I have absolutely loved creating this beast. And actually plan to continue work on it who knows what it'll become. Possibly just another unfinished project. However, right now I'm learning a lot and it's fun creating my own stuff.

It has a resume builder built in. I plan to extend it in the future adding the ability to download the resume in various formats. Rearrange the resume into one of four(?) layouts. I don't know.

Really? Another CMS?!?

Ehh, don't use it :P Look, this is for me myself and I. If someone outside of me, myself and I finds some kind of use from it great if not no worries. And honestly I don't know that I would consider this really a full fledged CMS. It still needs a LOT of polish. It's basically right now barely functional. It's still running in a dev environment on my local server.

It's in a private repository on my github, the code I'm sure looks soooOOOOoooo amateurish.. lol anyways I do plan on making the repository public once I publish it to my domain. In the mean time you can keep an eye out for it on my github if you'd like Github. I also want to make sure that it's ready to be installed elsewhere without much hassle. As in like, I can successfully git clone install and run it outside of my currently setup environment.

The code is hideous. Yep.

This is my first "large" scale project.. I guess if you can call it that. Most everything I've ever done with programming was things I taught myself. So I'm still learning and I have been seemingly finding cleaner ways to do things every day.. I have been noticing that more and more of my commits lately have just been me cleaning up this bit of code or this html or deleting these files because they're not being used anymore.. And to me that says I'm getting closer to where I want this thing functionally. So that's a good sign.. I think?

I welcome any and all comments and discussions on the project I mean I honestly have no intentions of turning this into another CMS but if that happens that'd be cool.

Anywho I think I'll end this here, I should have the repository public by this weekend.


I went ahead and made the repository public. It's not pretty but feel free to check it out! Website repository

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