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It's a bit different to full time roles, but as a freelance/contract dev I've often had the problem of a slow start because the project onboarding was broken.

More than a couple of times the project install docs have been out of date and wrong, leading to delays debugging the setup just to get going. It's frustrating because both parties are uneasy about that unproductive time.

It's not always fun to keep that process up to date, but if you ever onboard new people to a project it's worth it.


I can imagine! What would you consider a "slow start"? How soon into a new contract do you feel like you're really doing the best work that you can? Do you tend to take on projects that stretch you well outside your skillset or are you often working in areas where you already have a lot of expertise?


I'd want to be pretty confident quickly. It does depend on the size of the code base and how long the engagement might be.

Normally people want to see some results quickly, so doing things well outside my skillset isn't normally viable in that situation.

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