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Michael Andreuzza
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Serendipity Theme v2.0

Hello everyone, I have been working for a while on Serendipity Theme and I have been porting it to other platforms too with help of my friend Fabi and other contributors.

Now on V2 some big changes have taken place, like the whole color palette, contrast, new icons and such.

Three versions:

  • Morning
  • Sunset
  • Night

This is the Marketplace:


V1 is also available for those that liked it more.


The official site.




There's almost 15K users by no pull request whatsoever.

Feel free to make tour version along the guidelines on the repo and enjoy the theme itself.

Hope you all like it and have a good day!


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cnicu profile image

One of my favorite themes. Thank you!

mike_andreuzza profile image
Michael Andreuzza

Thanks man!appreciate that 😁