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Colors & Fonts v4 is live

Greetings to all!
Colors & fonts V4 has been released, bringing with it hundreds of new options.
live at:

The latest version offers a variety of new color systems, including popular ones from well-known brands such as:
✺ Uber
✺ Unwrapped
✺ GitHub
✺ Material UI
✺ IBM Design
✺ Tailwind CSS.

Additionally, the update includes:
✺ 100s of new curated color palettes
✺ 100s of new gradients
✺ Google font pairings
✺ Glyphs.

Figma files available at:

You will find:
✺ Color Systems

  • Unwrapped ━ Avbailable
  • Untitled UI ━ Coming soon
  • Primer web ━ Available
  • Material ━ Coming soon
  • Carbon ━ Coming soon
  • Uber ━ Coming soon
  • Tailwind ━ Coming soon

✺ Gradients
380 Available
If you have any question, feel free to ask or reach me at
Have a good day!

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