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3 Free super duper Tailwind CSS templates for your next project.

Hello everyone!

Long time no read, how are you all doing? Hope good.


Well, I haven't post because I have been very busy working on side projects with @gabrielperales , and because I took a brake on DevTo also... In fact this is the new account, I deleted my past with 5k followers to start over again.

If you do not know me, this is what I do and you can follow our projects on my Twitter.

Straight to the point.

We have made free templates that you can download from our main side projects Wicked Templates.

Let me tell you about the stack.

HTML Version

We mainly use plain HTML with Tailwind CSS to create our projects, then we use also build the same template with Next.js ( well, @gabrielperales passes and I build the HTML Version )

This scaffolding uses gulp to create workflows to make esier the development. These are other of the dependencies and technologies we use:

  • Tailwind CSS as utility CSS framework
  • Handlebars as template engine to join our layouts, partials into pages.
  • Imagemin to minify images and optimize them for web.

Next.js version

This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app.

This are the templates

Marfil built in HTML/Tailwind CSS:

This template is a one page portfolio to list all your projects.


Gradientti is available on HTML/Tailwind CSS and Next.js/Tailwind CSS


Synthwave is available on HTML/Tailwind CSS



If you like them, feel free to download them from here

If you have any questions feel free to reach out here or on twitter:


Other free projects for web developers and digital designers:

Color and typography for Web Developers and Digital Designers

Wickedblocks, ready Made Tailwind CSS blocks, for your next project.

Wicked Backgrounds, Create beautiful backgrounds waves for your next project

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I love all these. i use one of them for my blog also :D

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Michael Andreuzza Author

Oh how cool is that!