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I'm completely new to this, so please forgive the noob question.

It looks like the monetized content is sent in the initial request, but it just remains hidden until the browser sends payment. I suppose that could work in some cases, but how would you go about sending the monetized content only after verification? Is there a mechanism to send some kind of token to the server for server side checks?


Ha, I checked that same page, and scanned the content but missed the bit about the server... even though it was staring me right in the face.

Thanks, this is a very exciting API, and if successful its effects will ripple on the web for a long time.

I agree, I'm pretty excited by what this might be able to unlock for creators on the web!

I look forward to getting the examples of server side verification though. It will make this a bit more trustworthy!

Definitely follow @sharafian as he explores more here including expanding server-side verification...

Followed! Will be great to see some docs on it soon.

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