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I don't use TS. I think I will but I have not made the transition yet, and at this point it frustrates me because it makes it hard to read source code on Github haha. Deno, I'll wait a year for it stabilize before I try it.
I don't much care for the JS celebrities and the drama, so I don't have any skin in this game. But take a look at these bits:

  • the prevented: people who realised that the value of "type safety" is overblown
  • the extremists: those who hate TS's guts and understand how overblown the concept of type-checking is for web-development

I'm saying this in case you don't realize it, but those words don't position you as a fair and balanced writer. You're stating your conclusions as facts. It's like you're putting words in my mouth when I read it. And even though you explain your train of thought later, it was infuriating when I first read it.

And then you say:

  • all he's done is just the same thing, but made it more complex
  • Moreover, Ryan is a Mathematician, and on top of that he dropped out

This is my constructive feedback: if you want to state facts, do so. But dressing opinions and personal judgments as facts will only go well with those who agree already and are looking for confirmation.

And you end with:

  • I'm sorry if I offended anyone I honestly didn't mean it.

I don't know for sure, but it sounds like you knew some of this was unnecessarily inflammatory.


I agree with you.

Stating somebody's previous failed attempt to do something might be stating facts, but it's nothing but a logical fallacy. It's Ad Hominem.
I could list a whole bunch of people who created brilliant technology but flunked various degrees. But it feels like wasted time to list them after reading a article like this.

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