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Discussion on: Quick question: "How did you learn to code?"

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Petar Petrov • Edited on

I always liked to thinker with stuff and I got into the homebrew scene of different consoles. I was very impressed by the work of others, and instead of only using their hacks/patchs... I tried to start understanding and or modifying them, at that point I had no clue. From there the progression from forum to forum was natural, until I got into a programming/hacking one where we did challenges on batch and there I spent most of my high-school days scripting and talking about devices, eventually I learned a bit more languages, like python and C.

I felt it wasn't enough so after some years I pursued Computer Engineering degree because I had alot of personal projects that required expertise I didn't poses at that point.

So that is my story, I became a professional dev because I didn't like the concept of owning a device and complying with the software that was manufactured with.