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How I got into Computer Engineering?

It all started at the age of 12.

Smartphones were pretty rare then. But I had one. The other thing I had was Broadband Internet. One day I woke up from sleep and said, why not combine both. And then I tried to do it. And I failed.

Kept failing until I succeeded to turn on the hosted network from Command Prompt at my Windows 10 laptop, and share bandwidth. That's how I could use Internet on my tiny smartphone as Wi-Fi, without using a Network Router.

That was a victory! And victories feel good. Really good.

Instantly got interested in computers. Started learning to code the same day. Started with learning C, and started respecting Denis Ritchie.

To the 12-years-old me, C wasn't easy. But to my unquenching curiosity, it wasn't hard. I even learnt pointers!!! Kept learning it, until I realized Python is a better one to start with.

Fast forward and now, I'm a Web Systems Engineer at a Dubai-based startup. And I got my first paycheck before all of my friends and peers.

Lesson of the Day

If you have a dream that you believe in, keep chasing that dream.

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