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Mid Meet Py - Ep.10 - Interview with Adam Johnson

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PSF support diversity, BlackLivesMatters
YSYS will be hosting an event bringing together black community leaders + allies in tech to discuss how we can mobilise and rebuild
EuroPython Schedule is out
AnacondaCon Starting today
Django security releases, update ASAP

Py Hall of Fram:
Adam Johnson, Django technical board member
Follow Adam on twitter @AdamChainz
Get Adam's book

PyPI Highlight:
Cheuk's choice - sidetable - Create Simple Summary Tables in Pandas
Adam's choice - time-machine
Lais's choice - pillow

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DevRel 🥑for TerminusDB. Organizer of London Python Sprints and AI Club for Gender Minorities. Creator of PicknMix. Speaker and master of Lightning Talk!

Mid Meet Py

We meet in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week to chat about Python. Live every Wednesday at 1pm (UK time). Tag us @MidMeetPy on Twitter about your ideas. Watch on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cheukting_ho


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