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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v21

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Hi everybody! I'm a junior developer from Scotland, been programming about 10 months now and working as a developer for about 3. I work in .net and PHP/JS at work but at home I dabble in a bit of everything. As I'm self taught I'm trying to follow one of the P1xt guides to set myself up really well for the future.

The number one resource I'd recommend is CS50. I think that's single handedly responsible for getting me a dev job. Fantastic lectures by a great teacher with interesting and challenging assignments!

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Jonathan Kuhl

I too recommend CS50. That course was highly informative and entertaining. Made me wish I could have attended Harvard and gone in person. David Malon was a great instructor. It was the perfect introduction to computer science.

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Gareth Bradley

edx platform as a whole is pretty swell.

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Thank you for that recommendation. Iā€™m definitely checking it out. šŸ‘